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Agni Nagchampa is a subtle and luxurious musk like fragrance with a base of ambrette seeds and a hint of sweet, soft and warm balsams. Its scent is softened with refreshing and exotic orange blossom (Neroli) and with gentle, caring and spiritually supporting cedar. A perfect harmony of balsamic, floral and woody notes.

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Review of our fragrances
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A Happy Customer from U.K. writes, "Dear friends, Yesterday I visited  FAIR DO's shop at Llandaff Road, Cardiff. I had not seen your products before, so I thought I would try your incense. I am very impressed with the quality and purity, and delighted with my small purchase. I will certainly become a regular user. I have been using incense for many years, and have even acquired some on trips to India. THE MOTHER'S FRAGRANCES are first class! I burn incense both at home, and in my work for the mental health charity MIND where I offer regular RELAXATION sessions. I look forward to using your fragrances in these sessions, where I am confident they will have great therapeutic value. Thank you for making available such a high quality and satisfying product.  A.L."
» Posted on 6/11/2012
Tuberose, An Incense Review Posted on January 16, 2011 by Aer BlueWilson
I wish I could direct myself to buy whole lines of incense all at once, or try to collect a complete line before I review, then it would be a little more interesting on this blog, because I could just make one post about several different incenses that also relate to each other. But my attention span will not allow this, I see one fragrant thing offered, like the makers, the sound of it’s name (in this case tuberose), the descriptive promises, and then I’m off to a completely different aromatic summoning.
The Mother’s Fragrance are best known for their wonderful quality champa’s that I hope to review the whole line of when I muster up the dedication. I know close to nothing of the company, besides they make great incense, with natural materials, and are located in South India. However, if you buy them at http://www.merecie.com/index.html, some of the sale goes to supporting peace projects. I don’t know if this is just from buying on this site, or if you buy them anywhere, you will be supporting a project. I do know it’s a sure thing if you but them from Merecie. Now to the review. . .
The Mother’s Fragrances have more than just champa’s. They have a different line that is based on various scents, without the champa part. I saw Wild Flowers and Spring Flowers in the line, all of the line is made with natural oils, resins, woods etc. I jumped at the chance to get Tuberose, because like Amber, it is not a scent that graces my home often. No particular reason really, I just have not made a effort to buy more tuberose scented things.
Off track.. … When I opened the bright colored pack, that looks like marbling from a very sunny art student, with an optimistic outlook on their future. I liked it, it made me happy. The scent that greeted me was sweet, and floral, a marshmallow like sweet. It is charcoal based, but as I learned, this does not really demote quality in a stick, when you know what you are buying. It’s hard to learn that charcoal base is not always bad in a stick, when the cheaper, mass market incense that is available is often charcoal based, and dripping with headache inducing cheap fragrance chemicals.
I lit the stick, expecting  more tuberose likeness in the burning product. I did not really find that. No, I was not disappointed, it’s just that I ended up catching tea rose, and the sweet birch of root beer. Very odd, strange, confusing, and. . . absolutely lovely. It hit me out of left field like the introduction and explanation of a unknown half sister. Crazy at first, hesitation whispering at you, but as you get to know her, her eccentric demeanor, and the hidden meanings behind her actions and words, you love her. She wants to be a theater actress, that is why she changed her name, for more flair, more elegance. You can still catch her south Georgia accent at times, but she made the name her own, so now when you here that name, not matter who has it, she will come to mind too. The connection grows slowly, but strongly, soundly, deeply, (the stick burns evenly and not too fast). This is the best way to describe Mother’s Fragrance Tuberose.
I will definitely buy more of this little beauty. Ahh, there is no other incense like this, sweet, but deceptive Tuberose.
» Posted on 10/7/2011
"I've just bought three packets of incense - Shanti Nag Champa, Prem and Ganesh. This is the best incense I've ever bought - and I've bought a lot in the past! I live in a big communal house and everyone who comes to my room says "Wow it smells amazing!" - H, U.K.
» Posted on 26/6/2011
Mr.Mike, an American Critic writes on Mother's Fragrances in his TOP TEN January 2011 as,

Mother’s Fragrances Lotus Incense. A singular and linear incense and scent, where there’s no complexity but dang if this isn’t a good one. Slightly sweet, and of course floral, this is incense that is very calming and is a good room scent. It’s one to use when having guests over as that it gently perfumes the room but isn’t overwhelming perfumey or ostentatiously showy.

Mother’s Fragrances Atma Incense. The Mother’s incense catalog is simply superb, with their Nag Champa line being quite a standout. One of my favorites from their Nag Champa collection is Atma. A delirious blend of various ingredients, with floral notes and sweetness from halmaddi and honey. This is a tough one to describe because so many things are going on, and it’s all going on at the same time, the ingredients are working together and not against one another. It’s a symphony of scent, with lead violin being performed by the lavender, the cello is geranium, piano is vetiver, and the triangle is clove with halmaddi as the composer, and honey is the conducter.

» Posted on 14/3/2011

Appreciation from a Pleased Customer……

 “Hello, just a short note from me a very happy customer. I live in Canada and bought your perfume of Pure Floral Essences- Narcissus and its the most beautiful perfume I have ever tried. I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your product. Thank you so much.
Brenda Dillon

» Posted on 27/11/2010
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