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Agni Nagchampa is a subtle and luxurious musk like fragrance with a base of ambrette seeds and a hint of sweet, soft and warm balsams. Its scent is softened with refreshing and exotic orange blossom (Neroli) and with gentle, caring and spiritually supporting cedar. A perfect harmony of balsamic, floral and woody notes.

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Fragrances Descriptions
Amber Delightfully soft and sweet. A dreamy fragrance which is calming and pleasant upon your emotions.
Autumn Leaves A rich and inspiring fragrance that will make you feel closer to nature.
Cinnamon and Spice The warm and happy fragrance of cinnamon with a variety of spices. The richness of the ingredients makes it seem different every time you burn it.
Evening Rose Clear, strong, warm and a little sweet. The fragrance of tuberose, pleasant and exotic.
Frankincense A pleasantly sweet and slightly herbal fragrance. Olibanum resin is the basis of this fragrance.
Gardenia The rich fragrance of the gardenia flower. A special scent with an abundance of interesting characteristics.
Honeysuckle An especially sweet scent, a little stronger than our other floral fragrances. An active fragrance.
Jasmine Soft and mild. This fragrance is a little dry and green. Jasmine is a scent of purity, it is pleasant and soothing.
Lavender One of our mildest fragrances, dry and fresh with a calming effect. Use lavender to have a restful sleep.
Lotus A wonderfully pleasant and sweet fragrance. Lotus is inspiring and makes you feel happy. It is much valued by people who are ill, as Lotus helps to clear negative thoughts. Lotus is also much appreciated by children.
Musk A very fine floral musk with an adventurous note. A happy surprise. This fragrance initiates activity, which can help you study and work. A personal favourite of many people.
Myrrh A very remarkable scent. Active, happy and adventurous. A mild, but unique fragrance which you will never forget.
Orange Blossom A special, slightly heavier floral fragrance. A dreamy scent for the evening.
Oriental Rose A very special rose fragrance with a hint of sandalwood, which inspires creativity. A fragrance for adventurous people. Oriental Rose is not available as cones.
Passion Flower A mild, but remarkable fragrance, which will fascinate you and inspires creativity. Very well suited as a special gift.
Patchouli The strong and unmistakable fragrance of patchouli leaves, softened with a hint of rose and enriched with a variety of herbs.
Rose The fragrance of red roses with a touch of mint. Delightful, clear and friendly.
Roses and Violets A fragrance with a smile, wonderfully sweet with the presence of violets. Our most happy fragrance and the favourite of children.
Sandalwood The king of fragrances. One hundred percent sandalwood enriched with sandalwood oil. Our most popular fragrance. Very well suited for meditation and yoga. Sandalwood has a calming effect, clears the mind and stimulates the intuition.
Spicewood Clears the atmosphere and has a disinfecting effect. It also keeps mosquitos and other insects at a distance. Spicewood is ideal for outside use and on holidays.
Vanilla The sweetness of vanilla and heliotrope makes this our sweetest fragrance. Complete, full and happy.
Wild Flower The most woody of our floral fragrances. Warm, rich and relaxing.
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