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Essential Oil

Fragrances are the constituents of organic compound which discharge in the air through vaporization so that human nose can smell it. The human being can easily differentiate between the innumerable fragrances and flavors because it directly touches our sense organ.

According to ancient times, fragrances play an important role in healing the various ailments and protect from the evil. Ancient people use natural herbs to add amazing flavor and fragrance in their dishes. Nowadays, people are using essential oils enormously for fragrance and flavoring purposes.

Essential Oil

Aniseed Basil Bergamot Bois de Rose
Cajeput Cardamom Cassia Cedarwood
Cedarwood Atlas Cinnamon Bark Cinnamon Leaf Ciste Spain ABS
Citron Citronella Clary Sage Clove
Dill Eucalyptus Frankincense Geranium
Ginger Grapefruit Holy basil Juniper berry
Labdanum Absolute Lavender Lavender ABS Lavender Maillette
Lemongrass Lime Mandarine Myrrh
Neroli Nutmeg Oakmoss ABS Palmorasa
Patchouli Peppermint Peru balsam Petitgrain
Pine Rosemary Sandalwood Star Anise
Sweet Orange Tea Tree Thyme Tolu Balsam
Ylang Ylang

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