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The Mother's Fragrances

Incense Sticks

The Mother’s Fragrance incense sticks are hand-rolled according to the age-old masala method (no dipping in chemical solvents) from the finest nature-friendly ingredients including sandalwood and other scented wood powders, fragrant leaves, bark, root and gum resins, floral and other essential oils.

How our Incense is Made? In ancient India, this science of fragrances matured into a sacred art. Many thousands of years ago, Vedic rishis discovered that each fragrance — like each color and sound — possesses a particular quality of its own with a power to induce an uplifting state of consciousness.

It has been known since the dawn of man that when natural substances such as flowers, bark, wood, roots, seeds, and herbs are burned, they emit a rich variety of different and often very beautiful fragrances. Over the course of time, a systematic search of nature was carried out and bountiful aromatic treasures were found concealed within the delicate petals of a jasmine blossom, a tiny ambrette seed, a resinous droplet of sap from the spicewood tree, and countless others of nature’s unsuspected hiding places.

The use of incense was common to many ancient cultures – usually as a part of religious worship or as a luxury of the rich. Often it consisted of little more than the sweetly scented sap of a particular tree which was burned over coals – such as the frankincense and myrrh of Biblical renown.

MOTHERS FRAGRANCES – Our Regular incense

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MIRA AGARBATHIS – Our Special Incense