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Perfume oils

Flowers are Nature’s purest manifestation of the Divine. Since early times it was known in India that each flower embodies in its color, form and fragrances a particular spiritual quality and that concentration or meditation on a flower can help one to realize the quality it represents. It is possible for man to discover for himself the consciousness of different flowers. The Mother of Sri Aurobindo Ashram had described the process and given names to over 800 varieties. The white jasmine flower originally grown at the foot of the Himalayas is known for its quality of PURITY.

The five petals of the champaca or frangipani flower represent five qualities necessary for PSYCHOLOGICAL PERFECTION sincerity, faith, aspiration, devotion, and surrender. Gardenia, which is closely related to jasmine. Only larger and fuller, in fragrances, has the related significance of PERFECT RADIATING PURITY.  The beautifully scented Narcissus flower whose story was told by the Latin poet Ovid represents the POWER OF BEAUTY much like its namesake in the old legend. The striking blue Passion Flower bears the quality of SPIRITUAL SILENCE. The tuberose which is valued for its sweet intoxicating perfume is the symbol of the NEW CREATION, the new world which is emerging based on peace and human unity. And of course, the rose, which has a variety of meanings, depending on color and size. 

The red rose represents HUMAN PASSIONS TURNED INTO LOVE FOR THE DIVINE, and the pink Edward or country rose emanates the spiritual quality of SURRENDER.

Growing flowers, keeping them in the home, or mediating with them creates a purifying and inspiring atmosphere, much like the burning of pure incense or the presence of a fine perfume. In fact, the fragrances of the flower are closely related to their significance. The love of flowers is a valuable help for finding and uniting with one’s own true inner being. Flowers teach us the charm of silence and thus the self-giving which demands nothing in return.

How our floral essences are made?

Mother’s fragrances essences are high-quality perfume compounds, which contain no alcohol. Alcohol dries the skin. Oils moisturize it. Each 1/6 fl. oz. the bottle is equivalent in volume to one full ounce of a fine quality alcohol-based perfume.

We employ the finest quality natural ingredients in Mother’s Fragrances Essences, including French rose oil, geranium oil bourbon. Mysore sandalwood oil, Singapore patchouli, ylang-ylang bourbon, citronella neroli, jasmine, and tuberose absolute and clove oil Madagascar, as well as natural resinoids including benzoin, labdanum, styrax, vanilla, and pure balsam. In addition, we employ derivatives from oils such as geraniol (from geranium leaves) and rhodinol (from palmarosa grass).

Our essences contain no animal products. The base for our Amber and Musk fragrances is ambrette seeds to which other spices, natural oils, and derivatives of natural oils are added.

Mother’s Fragrance’s Essences are uncut, whereas most perfume oils in the market are diluted with chemical solvents. All of our essences are blends, except for our Pure Patchouli from Singapore and our Sandalwood Oil, which is straight uncut Mysore Grade A. There is no finer Sandalwood oil available anywhere. We blend the essence to give them the natural fixative properties lost on extraction from the plant and to create beautiful new fragrances. 

For example, our Patchouli is a blend of Singapore Patchouli and Rose Oil with a touch of clove, and our Musk has an accent of saffron. Since natural Jasmine and Tuberose oil are prohibitively expensive – one of our small bottles would have to sell for $60 to $200 – we use them only in small amounts blended with natural oil of Ylang-ylang and a floral extract from Citronella Grass which contains the scented substance.

Mother’s Fragrances Essences are very concentrated. One drop is enough to last for many hours, the exact time depending on the individual. These fragrances can be placed on the skin or clothing and used to scent bath water and massage oils. Our essences reveal their fullest fragrance when applied to the skin. The best fragrance will emerge about one hour after application.

Mother's Fragrances Pure Floral Essences